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Contact Information:
  • 2911 Tennyson Ave., Suite 201
  • Eugene, OR 97408
  • Tel: 541.844.1495
  • Fax: 541.844.1492
  • Monday-Friday
  • We offer evening & same day appointments.
  • Call for more information.
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About Us

Eva Schmidt and Martin Hurtado

We are Family Nurse Practitioner Eva Schmidt » and Dr. Martin Hurtado », partners in Inkwell Medical Group.

We strive to promote health and wellness in a practical and sustainable way. That’s why we partnered to open our own medical practice in the fall of 2009, leaving successful practices in a larger clinic. This change has allowed us to slow down and spend more time with our patients and families. And listen, really listen to their needs.

To reduce risks of long-term disease, proactive steps to healthy living, including sensible diet and nutrition, are essential. We offer our patients practical steps to better health and disease prevention, while treating their immediate and routine needs.

Better health for our patients and their families is our goal. In the long run that also means cost savings through fewer office visits, tests, medications and treatments.

Here you can learn about a bit more about us, Eva Schmidt and Dr. Hurtado -- not your typical medical practitioners -- and our green home -- not your typical medical office.

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